Small Beech Wood Teether Shapes

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Our wooden teethers are made of natural beech hardwood. These teethers are great for any chewelry projects, such as necklaces, rattles or on pacifier clips.  


These wood teethers come untreated and can be left as such or, you can choose to treat them yourself with your favourite choice of natural oils, such as: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. Treating the teethers with oil will protect and seal the wood to help keep it from splintering and, in turn, preserving the wood and extending the life of your chewelry projects.


Approximate Dimensions:
Bird: 71mm x 51mm x 10mm
Boat: 71mm x 45mm x 10mm
Bunny Ears: 62mm x 48mm x 10mm
Butterfly: 64mm x 50mm x 10mm
Camera: 53mm x 43mm x 10mm
Car: 76mm x 52mm x 10mm
Carrot: 77mm x 40mm x 10mm
Cloud: 86m x 49mm x 10mm
Cupcake: 62mm x 63mm x 10mm
Deer: 67mm x 55mm x 10mm
Dinosaur: 70mm x 56mm x 10mm
Duck: 80m x 55mm x 10mm
Elephant: 68mm x 57mm x 10mm
Flower: 52m x 52mm x 10mm
Fox: 70mm x 52mm x 10mm
Giraffe: 80mm x 50mm x 10mm
Goldfish: 71mm x 47mm x 10mm
Heart: 51mm x 51mm x 10mm
Hedgehog: 61mm x 47mm x 10mm
Ice Cream Cone: 60mm x 45mm x 10mm
Kangaroo: 83mm x 61mm x 10mm
Moon: 45mm x 73mm x 10mm
Mouse: 62mm x 53mm x 10mm
Mr. Bunny: 71mm x 63mm x 10mm
Owl: 59mm x 49mm x 10mm
Penguin: 61mm x 60mm x 10mm
Polar Bear: 62mm x 50mm x 10mm
Pretzel: 70mm x 51mm x 10mm
Rocket Ship: 74mm x 51mm x 10mm
Rocking Horse: 77mm x 63mm x 10mm
Sea Shell: 57m x 56mm x 10mm
Star: 56mm x 55mm x 10mm
Teddy Bear Ears: 64mm x 47mm x 10mm
Teddy Bear: 71mm x 53mm x 10mm
Turtle: 70mm x 55mm x 10mm
Whale: 80mm x 54mm x 10mm


Non-Toxic - Untreated - Lead Free - Cadmium Free - Phthalates Free - Heavy Metal Free - CPSIA compliant


**Being a natural product, wood can have natural imperfections and weak spots (knots, inconsistent grain,etc.), and should be used carefully to prevent damage. Damage or cracking can occur if dropped from a height or smashed onto a hard surface, etc. Do not submerge wood teethers or rings in water. Do not freeze.  Adult supervision is always required while using these products and always inspect before use, disposing of at the first sign of damage, cracking or splintering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Love these beads


I bought the unicorn teether and it is SO cute! I attached mine to the end of a pacifier clip and love how it turned out!

So cute

I got the mouse and the milk bottle and there even cuter in person. I am OBSESSED with the milk bottle! If you don’t have one yet, you need to snag it! Perfect to add to the end of a beaded pacifier clip


I accidentally submitted a review that was 1 star, but I meant to put 5!! The items I received were perfect for my macrame crafts!


Small Beech Wood Teether Shapes