Alphabet Letter Beads 12mm - Beech Wood

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Available in 26 letters with capital letters on all four sides. Non-toxic, untreated beech wood with a beautiful, unique grain pattern make these beads perfect for personalizing any project!

Approximately 12mm x 12mm x 12mm

We also carry silicone letter beads in a larger 15mm letter bead that features both upper and lower case letters. Click here for all the details.

We also carry silicone 12mm Letter Bead that features all capital letters. Click here for more details. 

Starter Kit *NEW*

A starter kit is now available for our Alphabet Letter Beads. The starter kit contains 100 12mm capital letter beads, composed of the following breakdown:
A x9, B x2, C x2, D x4, E x12, F x2, G x3, H x2, I x9, J x1, K x1, L x4, 
M x2, N x6, O x8, P x2, Q x1, R x6, S x4, T x6, U x4, V x2, W x2, X x2 Y x2, Z x2

100% Non-Toxic - BPA free  - Odorless - Tasteless - Lead Free - Cadmium Free - Phthalates Free - PVC Free - Mercury Free 

Customer Reviews

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good products

Super cute and simple

They are smooth and easy to work with. I was a little scared it’d be hard to get onto my clips but they were easy. Loved how they made the clip look

Adds an expensive look

Adds an expensive look to my soother clips. Much nicer looking than the silicone letter beads