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About Chomp Supply Inc.

Hey there! I'm Savanna, Founder & Head Boss Babe here at Chomp Supply Inc.

Savanna Mehrad, founder of Chomp Supply Inc. a leading supplier of silicone teething and craft supplies

This family business of ours was inspired by the birth of our first daughter, Annabelle. It wasn't long after her birth that she started to take an interest in grabbing at my jewelry during nursing, cuddles and carries. I was determined to find jewelry that would stand up to the strength of our new baby girl and began looking into ways to buy my own beads and supplies to be able to DIY the perfect chewelry piece for every outfit. Enter: my super supportive husband...

Salar Mehrad, co-founder of Chomp Supply Inc. leading silicone teething and craft supplier

We wanted to make sure that the beads and products we were using were safe for our little one to chew on, free of harmful chemicals and toxic substances. We also wanted to find products that were easy on the pocket book since having kids is expensive! This became a difficult task, one that we felt other parents, entrepreneurs and business owners shouldn't have to stumble through on their own. It was then that we realized that there was a need to fill in this quickly growing, niche market

The Mehrad family of Chomp Supply Inc in Thorold, Ontario

So we've done the tough work for you: we've sourced only the best, high-quality products so that you don't have to worry about whether or not the jewelry and crafts you make for your little ones are safe for them to chomp on. Plus, we strive to make our products as affordable as possible so that our customers can stretch their hard earned dollars as far as possible. If you're a business owner, sourcing your stock at competitive, affordable prices means that you can pass those savings onto your own customers, helping your business grow and succeed. If you're a mom or dad who likes to create beautiful pieces for your little one to teeth on, this means that you can have trendy, stylish teething accessories for a fraction of the price of buying from big retailers. That's a win-win scenario in our books!

To learn more about the safety of our products, head here.

Chomp Supply Inc shipping and customer service team for teething and craft supplies

If you can't find what you're looking for, please let us know! Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so if you're looking for a new colour, a certain style or a specific product, we'd love to work with you to fulfill your wish list. Click here to get in touch!

We are located in Thorold, Ontario, Canada and are proud to ship our products worldwide.

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Lots of love, 

The Chomp Supply Team