Meet The Maker: Olive + Atticus

Meet the Maker Monday: Jessica Richardson - Olive + Atticus


Hey babes! We are so thrilled to announce the launch of a project that has been in the works for awhile now! We are collaborating with some of our favourite makers to bring you...

Meet the Maker Mondays!

Each Monday, we will publish a blog post telling you all about one of the wonderful Chomp Makers from our Chomp Maker Community! The featured Chomp Makers have been kind enough to take a few moments out of their busy, busy schedules to answer a few questions that will allow you to take a peek into their work and home life. We are true believers in small businesses supporting small businesses and one of our favourite things is to learn about the personality behind each business brand. We hope you enjoy learning about our lovely Chomp Makers as much as we do!

Today we are introducing Jessica Richardson - owner of Olive + Atticus! You can find her goodies here!

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Meet the Maker Monday: Jessica Richardson - Olive + Atticus
Chomp Supply: What's your favourite food? Why? 
Jessica: Bacon deviled eggs!
CS: What's your favourite vacation spot? Why? 
J: Ocean City, NJ with my family.
CS: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
J: I am a newly single mom who has an amazing almost two year old little boy. My “day job” is as an architectural historian for the state of Louisiana and I’ve been running O+A on the side for about a year now. It’s named after my crazy dog and my son.
Meet the Maker Monday: Jessica Richardson - Olive + Atticus
CS: Describe your creative style.
J: I have loved making things since I was little and what I love most about this business is playing with all the various color combinations. I get really excited when I find a combo that is really classic. I also love mixing shapes and textures.
CS: How did you get into crafting? 
J: I’ve always been a maker per se and my school projects were always over the top. I am most definitely a tactile learner so it is just a natural fit.
Meet the Maker Monday: Jessica Richardson - Olive + Atticus
CS: What was the first thing you ever made? 
J: My mom taught me to cross stitch at a young age so it was probably some sort of holiday themed cross stitch pattern.
CS: What project/product are you most proud of? 
J: I made my son a Mardi Gras ladder seat (hard to explain but kids sit on seats on the top of ladders during Mardi Gras parades). I added cupholders, lights, and his name. It’s pretty amazing.
CS: What does your current work space look like? 
J: Well it consists of my guest bedroom and my desks are two twin beds. At least they’re comfy!
CS: What does your dream work space look like?
J: It would include some amazing piece of furniture with individual boxes for each color and style of bead. Similar to an old school apothecary shelf. I love an organized and efficient space!
CS: How do you balance work and home life? 
J: It’s always a battle to balance work life, mom life, and being a small business owner, but I basically just focus on using my free time to my benefit as much as possible. I start working on my side gig as soon as my son goes to bed and go from there.
Meet the Maker Monday: Jessica Richardson - Olive + Atticus
CS: Where do you see your business going in the next five years? 
J: I hope that I can find ways to grow my business and learn all I can about how to scale my business from more than supporting itself and into a steady profit.
CS: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own small business? 
J: Yes, it can be scary - but it can also be so much fun. And it’s totally worth it to take that risk! Trust your heart and brain!
CS: What do you love most about Chomp? 
J: I love that the products are top notch and sourced from North America. I also have always had a wonderful experience anytime I needed help.
CS: What would you like to see Chomp carry in the future? 
J: Hmmmm that’s tough - maybe colored wooden beads!
Meet the Maker Monday: Jessica Richardson - Olive + Atticus
Thank you so much, Jessica, for taking the time to allow us to learn about the personality behind Olive + Atticus! Don't forget to check out Jessica's shop and social media to see the beautiful pieces she creates!