Meet the Maker - Mommies 2 Little Monsters

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Meet the Maker Monday!

Today we are introducing Dayna Biggs - owner of Mommies 2 Little Monsters! You can find her goodies here!

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Chomp Supply: What's your favourite food? Why?
Mommies 2 Little Monsters: That’s a though one! But if I had to choose one it would probably be Thai Food.
CS: What's your favourite vacation spot? Why?
M2LM: My favourite vacation had been to Disney World with my family.
CS: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
M2LM: I was born and raised in the city (my husband too) we now live on a hobby farm where we raise chickens, cows,goats and pigs. I am happily married to my best friend we share two amazing daughters and I am a step mom to two other amazing daughters. I love to spend time outdoors, baking and being creative.
CS: Describe your creative style.
M2LM: I love colours! I love to play around with the beads and come up with new and exciting pieces.
CS: How did you get into crafting?
M2LM: I have always had a creative outlet as a teen. I liked to write poetry and paint. After I had kids I just didn’t enjoy it anymore or find the time to do it. Then I decided to make a few teethers for my youngest and was hooked and have been creating ever since.
CS: What was the first thing you ever made?
M2LM: The first thing I ever made was a Teether clip for my youngest.
CS: What project/product are you most proud of?
M2LM: I love my “Figure 8 Teethers” and the rosaries that I make.
CS: What does your current work space look like?
M2LM: I have my own space in my bedroom with a desk and storage for all of my supplies. It is slowly expanding and I am using more and more room so one day I may have to find a new space.
CS: What does your dream work space look like?
M2LM: I would love to have a large room with lots of storage and great lighting for photos.
CS: How do you balance work and home life?
M2LM: First and foremost family always comes first! They are my reason why! I often take advantage of nap time/bed time and get a lot of work done then.
CS: Where do you see your business going in the next five years?
M2LM: I would love for my little side hustle to turn into a full time job.
CS: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own small business?
M2LM: Be patient. Find yourself a good support team and turn to them for help when you need it. Research safety guidelines before you start so you aren’t surprised later on.
CS: What do you love most about Chomp?
M2LM: I love the products, how real Savanna is (a true boss babe!) the amazing community she has created for all of us boss babes!
CS: What would you like to see Chomp carry in the future?
M2LM: I am loving everything chomp has to offer! I would love to see more neon colours, maybe some black beads with white speckles.
Thank you so much, Dayna, for taking the time to allow us to learn about the personality behind Mommies 2 Little Monsters! Don't forget to check out Dayna's shop and social media to see the beautiful pieces she creates!