Meet the Maker: Little Peanut Baby

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Meet the Maker Monday!

Today we are introducing Carissa Hatfield - owners of Little Peanut Baby! You can find her goodies here!

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Chomp Supply: What's your favourite food? Why?
Little Peanut Baby: Tacos! Because who doesn’t love tacos?!
CS: What's your favourite vacation spot? Why?
LPB: We love to travel so this is a hard one. It would have to be between Disney World and the Beach. Disney world because to see the Magic in my kids eyes make me so happy and the beach because we love to relax by the beach and unplug.
CS: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
LPB: My husband and I have been married almost 12 years. I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 kiddos that range in age from 9 to 2. My daughter, only daughter, is a brain tumor survivor! She was born with an aggressive brain tumor that would have claimed her life before her 1st birthday, but God! She turned 4 in August. She is deaf due to the repercussions of the tumor, so she is set to receive a Cochlear Implant soon. That is the reason why I started my business, to help pay for her surgery that our insurance denied and is leaving a $51,000 bill. My family is my life! They come first in every way.
CS: Describe your creative style.
LPB: My style is a natural, modern, rustic, boho style, but love color as well! I love clean lines and symmetry along with rustic elements.
CS: How did you get into crafting?
LPB: Since I am a do-it-yourself gal. Anything from sewing, beading, hand embroidery to building furniture and hand letting wood signs. If I’ve never done it, I will teach myself and it usually comes naturally.
CS: What was the first thing you ever made?
LPB: This is a hard one...I honestly have been doing this for so long that I can’t even remember.
CS: What project/product are you most proud of?
LPB: I am proud of a lot of my creativity and work, but recently I am most proud of my new flower and holly pacifier clips that I designed!
CS: What does your current work space look like?
LPB: I am in the process of moving workspaces from my husbands office. I was taking over so he made me a workspace in our basement where I have plenty of space!
CS: What does your dream work space look like?
LPB: Ahhh to have my own she-shed!! Our next home I am determined to have my own she shed!
CS: How do you balance work and home life?
LPB: This is hard for me. Having 4 children, 2 in school full time, 1 with special needs that required weekly visits to our Children’s Hospital to a toddler has me struggling at times. I am a planner and I only work my business with my husband and children are in bed at night, so that helps me balance out a lot. I am still learning and trying to improve everyday.
CS: Where do you see your business going in the next five years?
LPB: I see my business growing so I can hire a few more stay-at-home mommas and helping other families that are in need or help getting hearing aids for their children.
CS: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own small business?
LPB: Research! Find a Lab for testing before hand. Find your style and be unique. It will help you stand out from the competition. Support other small business in the small me business. We are all here to help one another grow and succeed!
CS: What do you love most about Chomp?
LPB: The colors of the beads are divine! So beautiful and colors you don’t see from other suppliers!
CS: What would you like to see Chomp carry in the future?
LPB: Chomp has a great variety of supplies to help us makers, but one thing would be Paracord.
Thank you so much, Carissa, for taking the time to allow us to learn about the personality behind Little Peanut Baby! Don't forget to check out Carissa's shop and social media to see the beautiful pieces she creates!