Meet the Maker: Leo + Cullie

Meet the Maker Monday: Caroline Papageorgiou - owner of Leo + Cullie
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Meet the Maker Monday!

Today we are introducing Caroline Papageorgiou - owner of Leo + Cullie! You can find her goodies here!

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Chomp Supply: What's your favourite food? Why?
Caroline: Spaghetti because Italian food is my fave and anything with noodles is my jam!
CS: What's your favourite vacation spot? Why?
C: St. Pete Beach, Florida because we love the beautiful, calm beaches and resorts. The people are incredibly friendly and it’s just a wonderful family oriented vacation spot.
CS: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family
C: I live in Holly Springs, NC and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist turned stay at home mom after having my oldest son 4 years ago. My husband is Dean and we also own a seafood restaurant in Sanford, NC. We have 2 boys, Vasili (4) and Cullen (1.5) We have 2 dogs, Laela and Olivia.
CS: Describe your creative style
C: Modern, Minimalistic, Timeless
CS: How did you get into crafting?
C: I have always loved DIY projects and crafting. My oldest son used cloth pacifier clips, which are beautiful, but he had a habit of sucking on them until they were dripping wet with slobber.... ewww! I searched for other types of clips but never found anything that was aesthetically attractive so I settled for a plain ole boring non fabric clip until his pacifier stage was over. Fast forward a couple of years and when my youngest son was born and I discovered silicone beads! There were so many beautiful, slobber friendly options. I no longer had to soak a cloth clip and wait until it dried the next day. Just run it under water and was de-slobbered! I fell in love and that was the beginning of Leo + Cullie.
CS: What was the first thing you ever made?
C: A solid black pacifier clip. Minimal, modern, timeless and slobber resistant
CS: What project/product are you most proud of?
C: I am most proud of my very own designed, 100% food grade silicone Bailey the Bear Geometric Teether
CS: What does your current work space look like?
C: Mostly like a playroom, lol. Since my kids are with me while I work, it has to have lots of goodies to keep them occupied.
CS: What does your dream work space look like?
C: Walls and walls of my very own teether designs and silicone beads of every color imaginable for endless amounts of pacifier clips!
CS: How do you balance work and home life?
C: Well I am a mom first and foremost so everyday looks different. Sometimes I am able to get all of my work done in the morning so I have the rest of the day with my kids or during nap time. Other times I don’t start working until they go to bed after 9 and work until 1 or 2 in the morning.
CS: Where do you see your business going in the next five years?
C: I would love for my teethers and pacifier clips to be in stores like Buy buy baby, Target + Nordstrom
CS: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own small business?
C: Just do it! Finding the right time to start a business is like trying to start a family. You can always think of reasons why now isn’t a good time. My Grandfather and his 2 best friends had a business dream once. They all needed to invest a big chunk of money in the beginning and my grandfather backed out in fear of the unknown. That business was the Pantry Corporation, one of the largest convenience store chains in the Southeast United States! Don’t let fear stop you from going after your dream!
CS: What do you love most about Chomp?
C: I love the awesome customer service and supporting another awesome mom boss!
CS: What would you like to see Chomp carry in the future?
C: I would love to see my Bailey Bear as a part of the Chomp family.
Thank you so much, Caroline, for taking the time to allow us to learn about the personality behind Leo + Cullie! Don't forget to check out Caroline's shop and social media to see the beautiful pieces she creates!