Meet the Maker - ChunkyBabies

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Meet the Maker Monday!

Today we are introducing April Miner - owners of ChunkyBabies! You can find her goodies here!

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Chomp Supply: What's your favourite food? Why?
ChunkyBabies: It is a toss up between sushi and cheesecake. Mostly because the combinations are endless for both.
CS: What's your favourite vacation spot? Why?
CB: I am a homebody, I really like staycations ;) If I had to pick somewhere exotic, I would choose Bora Bora. I have ALWAYS wanted to go there.
CS: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
CB: I am the mommy of 5 beautiful children. I was born in northern Ontario but I call Kingston my home now. I have a behavioural background and have always wanted to work with people with autism.
CS: Describe your creative style.
CB: I love creating a variety of products, whether it be funky or sleek, colourful or monochrome, I like to know which style best reflects those that my customers want.
CS: How did you get into crafting?
CB: My 5th baby was the inspiration for starting my little shop. I had taken some time off work (mat leave) for my 4th child and decided I wanted to be at home.
CS: What was the first thing you ever made?
CB: The first thing I ever made was a simple owl teething necklace for my best friend. I made it the second my materials were delivered. I had been planning it with her in mind when I ordered my first shipment.
CS: What project/product are you most proud of?
CB: My Take-Along teether clips are my favourite. I had made a necklace that was too long, and I improvised to make it useable for my youngest. It turned out to be his favourite. I then started planning how I could make them for everyone to enjoy.
CS: What does your current work space look like?
CB: My current workspace resides in my dining room. Though sometimes disorganized, it is my favourite space.
CS: What does your dream work space look like?
CB: I would love to have an area in my home (extra bedroom or basement area) that I can organize for myself.
CS: How do you balance work and home life?
CB: The initial balance was very hard, but it is pretty easy now. I have certain hours I use for work during the day and try to complete most of my work in the evenings.
CS: Where do you see your business going in the next five years?
CB: My (main) goal for the next 5 years is to create my own custom teether. I have seen other boss mamas show such amazing creativity.
CS: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own small business?
CB: Make sure to research... and only do something you love.
CS: What do you love most about Chomp?
CB: I love the energy and creativity of Chomp. On days when I feel like I could or should be doing more, I get such motivation knowing that Chomp is there for people like me!
CS: What would you like to see Chomp carry in the future?
CB: A multitude of things! I am loving the new speckled beads though ;)

Thank you so much, April, for taking the time to allow us to learn about the personality behind ChunkyBabies! Don't forget to check out April's shop and social media to see the beautiful pieces she creates!