How to Make a Teething Necklace: The Halo Ring

We've put together a step by step tutorial on how to make this beautiful and simple Halo Ring teething necklace! Perfect for those teething babies and stylish mamas. The mixed silicone and wood textures are great for babe and it looks fabulous with any outfit!

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For this necklace, you will need the following:

-36" nylon cord (we used Navajo white)

-One 2.25" wooden ring

-One 19mm round bead (we used Rose Gold)

-One 12mm round bead (we used Cappuccino)

-Two 9mm round beads (we used Rose Gold)

-One breakaway clasp (we used gold)



-Paper clip


Step One: Using your lighter, melt the two ends of your nylon cord. This will prevent fraying.

Step Two: Fold your cord in half. Loop the cord around the wooden ring, and pull through.

Step Three:  Now that your cord is attached to your ring, you will string your 19mm bead. To do so, take your folded paper clip and slide it onto both pieces of cord. Using the ends of the paper clip, thread your cord through the hole of your bead. If you are having trouble getting the cord through, pliers can come in handy for this step. Once the bead is threaded, tie your cord around the top of your ring.

Step Four: Using the same method from step three, thread your cord through your paper clip and through your 12mm bead. Tie a small knot above the bead.

Step Five: Decide where on your necklace you want your 9mm beads to sit. We have them about 1.5" from the 12mm bead. Tie a knot in each piece of nylon, taking care to make the sides even.

Step Six: Using the same method for stringing beads, this time using only one piece of cord at a time, thread your cord through your two 9mm beads. Tie a knot above each one to keep them in place.

Step Seven: String your breakaway clasps onto each end, tying a tight knot in your cord to keep them in place.

Ta Da! You have a Halo Ring necklace!

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