5 Reasons We LOVE Tailwind for Pinterest!

Hey Makers!

If you haven't heard of Tailwind, let us be the first to tell you that it is a social media GAME CHANGER. Do you feel like you're constantly posting on Pinterest and not getting anywhere with your page growth? Are you using Pinterest to its fullest potential, aka driving traffic and shoppers to your shop? Tailwind might just be the solution to your problems!

Tailwind is a scheduling tool that allows you to curate your Pinterest feed. You can choose which pins go to which boards at what times to maximize their exposure to your followers. Think of it as a "batch pinning" tool! They actually also offer services for Instagram too, but we'll be focusing on their Pinterest services today.

Here are our top 5 reasons to start using Tailwind for Pinterest:

1. Saves You Time
Using Tailwind has saved us so much time, time we can use to focus on our business. We spend roughly 3-4 hours every other week creating pins, scheduling pins and ensuring there is a great variety of content for our followers to enjoy! We aim for 20 pins a day and plan them for up to 3 weeks. Take time at the beginning of the week to get your pin schedule sorted and let Tailwind work it's magic while you craft away or spend time with your kiddos!

2. Pin Straight from Instagram
Did we mention this is one of our favorite things about Tailwind? You've spent so much time developing your Instagram profile, and now you can reach a whole other demographic! Show off your designs and create your shop Inspo Boards using existing Instagram content to give your Pinterest followers a clear idea of your style. This will also drive your Pinterest viewers directly to your Instagram page. WIN WIN!

3. Tracks Traffic & Analytics FOR you!
Ever wonder what your most popular boards or pins are so you can tailor your content to your followers' interests? Tailwind has a super user friendly dashboard that outlines your traffic at a glance! Check out your repins, your new followers and compare to last month or last week's data to see how you're doing. Since maximizing our use of Tailwind, our page has seen visitation increase from 28k to 61k per month (just since December)! Curious about how using Tailwind might benefit your business? Click here for typical results!

4. Tribes
Instead of spending hours scrolling through your Pinterest feed to find content to share, try out Tailwind Tribes! Tribes are essentially groups of like-minded people (typically grouped into topics) where users help each other grow their Pinterest reach & traffic. You can use Tribes whether you're a seasoned Pinner or you've never touched a Pinterest board in your life. You can also share your original content with up to 5 Tribes monthly- talk about reach!

5. Save Pins for Later 
You can install Tailwind Publishing Extension directly to Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox to make pinning on any page you find super easy. Find an article you want to share or a craft idea for toddlers? Tailwind Extension lets you quickly gather content by using the "Save for Later" button. Those pins will be sent to a Drafts folder to be scheduled later when you have time! 

BONUS: We were about to share this post when we received an email from Tailwind, sharing the details of an incredible initiative they have just launched! 
The Tailwind Small Business Relief Program is a $1 million fund to support small businesses who have been negatively impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic turmoil, prioritizing those in greatest need. Who is eligible? Small businesses and organizations with fewer than 100 employees who have seen a negative impact on their financial well being as a result of the spread of COVID-19. Yes, solopreneurs, freelancers and sole proprietors are absolutely eligible!

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