5 Tools Everyone Needs to Work From Home during COVID-19

Five tools to help people work from home during the covid-19 outbreak.

While working from home may be the new norm for you, since Chomp Supply operated out of our home for 3 years, we're self-professed pros at working from home! Today, we're going to share 5 of our fave tools to make you more comfy and therefore, more productive (hopefully!), while you're working from home during the covid-19 outbreak.


1. Laptop Lap Desk

One of the very first things we bought for working from our couch (I kid you not!) was a laptop lapdesk with a slide-out mouse pad. When I was busy editing product photos late at night, it was so nice to be able to do it on the couch, snuggled up to hubby while binge-watching Netflix. While the exact laptop lapdesk we love is no longer available on Amazon, this updated version is very similar and is less than we paid! It features a built-in mouse pad and a handy nook to hold your phone or tablet so you can easily find it when your boss calls.

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

While I've always been a fan of diffusing essential oils for mood boosting or relaxation purposes, with the current outbreak of the covid-19 virus, we're busy diffusing for immunity purposes in our home right now. Having an essential oil diffuser in your work area is a great way to keep your space smelling fresh and fragrant, while benefiting from the essential oil blends that you're diffusing. Want to feel more energetic? Try diffusing a blend of Wild Orange or Citrus. Want to feel less stressed and more relaxed? Try diffusing Lavender or Whisper. Want to help boost your immune system? Try diffusing OnGuard, one of my all-time fave scents from my fave essential oil manufacturer, doTerra.

3. A Stability Ball Desk Chair

This is great for working your core while sitting at a desk or taking a quick movement break between long stretches of sitting. While I worked in post-secondary, I loved using an exercise ball chair at my desk, especially since I'm truly a child at heart and just loved having an acceptable chance to bounce around all day LOL

4. A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

We bought this exact speaker almost three years and in those three years, we've only had to charge this bad boy maybe four times. I'm not kidding!! This thing is a tank, delivers crazy awesome sound and is perfect for filling whatever room your working from with some great motivational tunes (like this awesome playlist I made for when you're having a crappy day that needs turning around)

5. A Coffee Cup Warmer

Guys, this thing - it's like the mack-daddy of working from home tools. It will keep your coffee WARM!! For like, extended periods of time!! Good-bye microwaved mom coffee! 


BONUS - An Amazon Prime Subscription

If you're not already a member, I would highly recommend joining Amazon Prime, especially if you have a business! We buy practically all of the Chomp Supply Office supplies from Amazon and have them shipped straight to our office. We also have several items on subscribe-and-save regular delivery - a great feature for making sure you never run out Here's a free trial link to give it a whirl - let me know what you think! 



What did you think of our five must-haves to work from home right now? What would you add to the list?

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